Rev. Dr. MarkJoe Ifichukwu Igwemma

Dr. MarkJoe Ifichukwu IgwemmaRev. Dr. MarkJoe Ifichukwu Igwemma prefers to be addressed as Pastor MarkJoe is a trained minister of the gospel with remarkable signs. He has many years of experience: he served as the resident pastor of Dominion School of Ministry, Lagos for seven years, he also functioned in the same capacity in Heroes of Faith Ministries Lagos for a period of four years and five months.

The Lord gave him the vision of this commission and for some years now, he has been at it. He is the founder and senior pastor of Revival Crusaders Harvest Mission Int’l aka Revival Army.

He is an erudite scholar, a prolific writer with four books to his credit. He was the assistant editor of Good News Publication, the editor and producer of Triumphant Times and Revival News, the publisher of Chaplain News.

He is a great Bible teacher with infallible proofs. He taught in Full Life Bible College Lagos, Equipping the Saints African Mission Lagos, Dominion School of Ministry, Eternal Hope Theological Seminary and Pentecostal Chaplain International Inc. He speaks in conferences, seminars, workshops, crusades etc. He believes that every child of God needs to be trained (discipled) to be productive in his/her Christian life.

Pastor MarkJoe is an advocate of discipleship but his central message is REVIVAL. He labours ceaselessly for the restoration of the people of God and the church in general. He is a passionate preacher who demonstrates God’s power as he ministers.

He is very compassionate and delights in helping people, serving God and humanity. He strongly believes that the church should be a charity organization through which the love of God is shared to all mankind.


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