“Keep examining yourselves to see whether you are continuing in the faith. Test yourselves! You know, don’t you, that Jesus the Messiah lives in you? Could it be that you are failing the test?” – 1Corin13:5 NIV.

Reverend John Wesley, the great Anglican/ Methodist reformer, a theologian of repute, a holiness preacher, a founder of Methodist Church and evangelical movement connected with it had an unforgettable experience. He had a dream of Heaven and Hell, in this dream he found himself standing at the gate of hell, a place of torment and anguish in the afterlife. Wesley asked, “Are there any Presbyterians in there? “Yes, a great many” came the reply. Any Church of England  members? “Yes, a lot of them” “ And  any Wesleyans?” Again the answer came back,  Yes many of them.” Then he was transported to the gates of heaven, a place of great joy and peace in the afterlife. Wesley repeated the same questions and each time was surprise to receive the same negative answers. There were “ No Baptists, no Church of England, no Presbyterians and no Wesleyans, none were found in Heaven! “ Who then is in Heaven? “ Wesley exclaimed.” We know nothing about the names you mentioned,” came the reply “ the only name that matters here is the name CHRISTIANS, we all are Christians and disciples of Jesus Christ here!”

Hmmm, shocked!!! Denomination in our context is a recognize autonomy branch of a Christian Church eg Redeemed Christian Church of God, Assemblies of God Mission, Grace of God Mission etc. These names are used to differentiate groups in Christian community. The name is not an issue but the spirit behind the name that provokes segregation, rancor, tribalism, unwholesome competition and the feeling of superiority over others. Denomination is a spirit from the pit of hell assigned to separate, scatter, limit, frustrate and make the Church fruitless. This demon is causing so much havoc in the Church today, it has plundered, fragmented and made the most powerful entity in the universe (The Church of Jesus Christ), weak and powerless through his organized plans and satanic strategies by:

  • Making some people to feel and believe that their Church (denomination) is the only genuine and original Church like Wesley the holiness preacher.
  • Denomination has injected in some Christians critical spirit which made their association with others either very difficult or impossible as they create their own Heaven for themselves.
  • Tribalism in the Church today is the result of the terrible influence of this demon.
  • This demon has succeeded in making many Christians to be mindful of their Church (denomination) and not the Church of Jesus Christ. Some Christians take oath as soldiers of Christ to defend, support, preach and propagate their denomination and not the gospel of Christ . Apostle Paul took an oath to preach nothing but the gospel – 1Corin 9:16.
  • The spirit of denomination has succeeded in making cults out of Churches as the love that Jesus so much preached about is shown only to members. If you are not our member, you are disqualified for any favour or support.
  • Denomination has made us discriminatory, selfish and self centered as we deprive others of assistance that we can render simply because they are not our Church members.

The harm done by denomination to the Church of Jesus Christ is uncountable, the Church that Jesus died for has been grossly battered and seriously wounded by the supposed leaders who should be preachers of unity, selfless life and unfeigned love as they carelessly allow unscriptural habit among members. It is note worthy that there is no Church in heaven but those who are washed in the blood of the lamb, the Bible should be our standard. Children of God are known by the seal of the Holy Spirit which is their mark of redemption and ownership. It is the same Spirit in a black Christian that is in the yellow and white Christian which enables them to identify and live with each other as brethren sharing the love of Christ together.




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