No Challenge No Champion

Robert Schuller said, “ Welcome problems for they are real stimulants to success”, Rev’d. Dr. Emeka Ufondu said,” Problems are envelops that God uses to package blessings”
Life is characterized by challenges of different types which many people see as problems. Such challenges has stopped many from excelling in their endeavours. They get discouraged and some give up as a result of the unfavourable atmosphere created by such challenges. This has frustrated many people and launched them into life of hopelessness. Others encountered such challenges and overcame, they have testimonies to share because they are victorious. The cowards can never scale through it because they lack the courage required. Only the courageous and the determined fight and win in the battle of life. A challenge in our context is a new difficult task that tests someone’s ability or skill.
There is a process to every progress in life! That process is what people see as problem, this process is detested because it’s not pleasant. However, it’s the process that makes the product. The product in you can never manifest for sale until you pass through the required process. Reverend Babatunde Solarin said,” He that s it harder for you makes it better for you to be best.” The situation that is meant to bring out the best in you may not be pleasurable. A carpenter making an upholstery has to chop off some parts, hammer and chisel some parts; all is geared towards achieving what he envisaged. To become what God destined you to be, there are period of cutting, chiseling, sandpapering and hammering. The whole exercise may be very painful but it’s meant to achieve a desired end. When a carpenter finishes the skeleton of an upholstery, it’s rough and undesirable, but when he puts foam and covers it with leather, it becomes a beauty to behold. Dear, don’t be discouraged, you are only undergoing a process, very soon you will manifest.
Note: When God is working in you people will desert you, even your closest friends and relations may isolate you, but when he finishes His work in you, you become a celebrity – Is 53:2. These things you call problems are simply challenges, don’t run away from them, confront them squarely because it is the challenges you overcome that makes you a champion. The challenges you are passing through can either be a stumbling block or a stepping stone, choose one! One rightly said that the shape you give to your so called problems is the shape it will take. It is true that no one goes into affliction with song in his mouth but some come out of it with great Joy in their heart. The holy writ says, “ Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning -Ps 30:5b.”
There is NO CROWN WITHOUT CROSS, NO TESTIMONY WITHOUT TRIAL. A time of adversity is a period of getting closer to God, wholly relying on Him and taking a faith action through His Word. Victory is SURE IN CHRIST, don’t give up! The darkest hour of the night is the time nearest to dawn.
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