1PT 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”The major problem facing our society today is the issue of Drug abuse among our youths.
65% of the present youths within the age of 15 to 45 years, are into the abuse of different types of drugs substances.
Many youths of nowadays use hard drugs like codeine, cocaine, mescaline, ephedrine, tramadol and many other dangerous drugs to enhance their sexual performance to the detriment of their health.
Some of these youths use these hard drugs as stimulants or sedatives to achieve a different results from what those drugs are meant for.
All drugs are to be taken under the prescription of an expert in order to avoid abuse.
But nowadays most people want to use hard drugs to enhance their abilities and to get high with recourse to the health risks of those drugs.
Drug abuse is a very dangerous habit which can lead to addiction, anxiety, depression, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, stroke, seizure, hallucination, paranoia, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, mental confusion, loose of memory, heart/liver/kidney/lung damage etc.
Drug abuse is the fastest lane to sickness, diseases, insanity, madness, social crisis, hardship and early death.
Drug abuse can trigger the mode of negative quietness or negative violence behaviour in the life of a person and under the influence of either of these two negative modes, the person would find it very difficult to mingle with others.
This is the condition that leads to depression, anxiety and suicide.
Drug abuse can also affect your judgement, decision making, mental concentration and the ability to learn.
This is the reason why students that are deep into hard drugs hardly study their books, because they lacks mental concentration.
Today we hear about social violence, aggressiveness, murder, terrorism and all manner criminal activities here and there,but they are the effects of drug abuse on our society.
Drug addicts lacks mental reasoning and in most cases they don’t consider retributions or the consequences of their actions.
That’s why they mindlessly indulge in occultism, armed robbery, thugery, kidnapping, terrorism, prostitution, gay, lesbianism and many more despicable acts of immorality. Drug abuse is one of the most dangerous destiny killers which can bring down a highly talented or successful person, from the top to the shameful ground.


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