The Battle of gods


I Sam 5vs1-5,” After the Philistines had captured the ark of God, they took it from Ebenezer to Ashdod. Then they carried the ark into Dagon’s temple and set it beside Dagon. When the people of Ashdod rose early the next day, there was Dagon, fallen on his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord! They took Dagon and put him back in his place. But the following morning when they rose, there was Dagon, fallen on his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord! His head and hands had been broken off and were lying on the threshold; only his body remained. That is why to this day neither the priests of Dagon nor any others who enter Dagon’s temple at Ashdod step on the threshold” NIV 

When God gave me this topic, i thought that He was talking about the battle between Him and other gods(deities) However, while  i was praying, searching and meditating in preparation, He made it clear to me that what He meant was a battle between man and gods (deities) Man was created in the image of God after His likeness – Gen 1vs26 . So man was created as a god to rule on earth which is the extention of His kingdom – Gen 1vs28. God invested His life, nature and authority in man – 2Pt 1vs4,” Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust” – KJV

Man’s authority and operation on earth has been grossly limited, first as a result of sin (The fall of man) – Gen 3. The fall mangled the mentality of man and robbed him of God’s glorious nature. Second, as a result of ignorance, that is, lack of understanding of who he is – Hosea 4vs6. Religious mind cannot understand how man is god. This is one of the major problems that Jesus had with the religious people of His days. It was very hard to understand as long as they were concerned irrespective of the fact that Jesus made it clear to them that it was written in their law – Jn 10vs34, Jesus replied, in your Scriptures doesn’t God say, “You are gods?”– CEV Just as it is written in Ps 82vs6,“I, the Most High God, say that all of you are gods and also my own children -CEV

Man is so much attached to the physical through the five senses that he fails to understand the god aspect of him. The truth remains that man is essentially a spirit with a soul and lives a body – 1 thess 5vs23, “ I pray that God, who gives peace, will make you completely holy. And may your spirit, soul, and body be kept healthy and faultless until our Lord Jesus Christ returns”.GW .God gave him a body to be able a function on earth which is his jurisdiction. He needed the body to rule for God on earth. This is a deep revelation capable of changing your life forever.

You must know that you are a god and must begin to live like one in order to deputise for God effectively. Paul and Barnabas were called God in Acts 14vs10-14,  So Paul said in a loud voice, “Stand up.” The man jumped up and began to walk. The crowds who saw what Paul had done shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come to us, and they look human. They addressed Barnabas as Zeus and Paul as Hermes because Paul did most of the talking.  Zeus’ temple was at the entrance to the city. The priest of the god Zeus brought bulls with flowery wreaths around their necks to the temple gates. The priest and the crowd wanted to offer a sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas. When the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard what was happening, they were very upset. They rushed into the crowd “ – GW.

Satan and his cohorts (demons) has drawn a battle line against man the crown of God’s creation. We are witnessing the battle on daily basis, they provoke the increment of evils and wickedness. It is battle of gods (man and deities) Jesus our Lord and savior defeated the devil, He took the form of man and disarmed the devil – Colo 2vs14. By His triumph we become victorious over the devil. So base on the sacrifice on the cross Satan is forever defeated

The earth is man’s jurisdiction  so we are better positioned in this battle, the devil is a spirit  and so does not have right or authority to operate here because he has no body

You must know and believe that you are a god. SAY I AM A god!


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