The Dangers Of Drug Abuse

Our focus is still on *Destiny Killers* and today I am going to be discussing on the dangers of Smoking and drug abuse.
Drug abuse is excessive use or indecent use of drug substances for stimulus or to achieve different results from what the drug was made for.
Drug abuse is a dangerous habit which can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, stroke, seizure, paranoia, hallucination, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, mental confusion, loose of memory, loose of appetite, gastrointestinal damage, liver damage, lung cancer etc.
Smoking and drug abuse is the fastest road that leads to sickness, disorder, mental disorder and early death.
Now when we take a closer look at some of these mental/psychological issues that usually arises from smoking and drug abuse, we will find out the real reason why the federal ministry of health warned that smoking is dangerous to health.
Drug abuse creates the imagination of fear and depression in the minds of people and sometimes it can result to suicide, murder, genocide or domestic violence.
Drug abuse leads to addiction which in most cases results to mental insanity and madness.
The Bible commanded us in the book 1 Peter 5:8
*Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.*
Remember that the word *Sober* means to be moderate, realistic, mentally stable without being under the influence of alcohol, sedatives or any other chemical substances.
But the problem we have today in our society is that everyone wants to drink, smoke or use hard drugs to get high for the very wrong reasons.
Some young youths today wants to get high and become stubborn, disobedient, insolent and useless to the society.
Some of them want to get high with dangerous drugs like tramadol, codeine etc, so that they can last one million years in sex.
Are you kidding, is that the right reasons to get high???
And the bad thing about this stimulants is that they can kill fasted than diseases.
All over our towns and cities and even in the villages today, we see our youths (the so called leaders of tomorrow) killing their bright destinies with dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp, marijuana, skunk, shisha, tobacco, nicotine, cigarette, opium, mescaline, ketamine, codeine, tramadol etc.
And by the time they will get high to the level where their brain nerves became overstretched, they will lose their senses and become mad.
At that time their parents will begin to blame wicked neighbours and bad uncles.
Please my brothers and sisters do not endanger your lives with drugs.
Love your self and take good care of your life.
*Remember that drug abuse is a destiny killer*


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