Today we are going to take a comparative look at the night and the day and we are going to listen to what the spirit of God has to say.
The night is a period of time characterised by darkness, fear, danger, confusion and several unforeseen circumstances.
But the day is a time of light and clarity.
Darkness is the symbol of the night and in darkness it is impossible to walk or to see things that are close to you.
For example, if there is a box containing one million dollars by your side during the night, you won’t see it because the darkness of the night doesn’t allow people even to see favours, miracles or their destiny helpers.
But if you can endure till the morning after the night, you would be surprised to see that you are standing right beside the box of a million dollars.
Prophetically speaking, even in the midst of that thick darkness of hardship, poverty, sickness or confusion, your miracle is there.
But you must wait till the morning after the night.
Now the night can also symbolise suffering, difficulty, hardship, poverty, stagnancy, sickness etc.
Remember that the scripture said that when God created light and called it day, he separated it from the darkness and called the darkness night (Genesis 1:3-5)
God had the power to remove the darkness entirely, but He allowed it to stay for a reason.
Moreover there is distinctive time frame for the night or darkness and no matter how dark or long the night might be.
It can never stop the day break and the darkness can never comprehend the light (John 1:5).
In psalms 30:5 the Bible says…
*For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning* .
The sickness or the hardship or the problem may last in the night, but joy comes in the money.
Job was a man who saw pain, suffered lost and passed through terrible sicknesses, yet he said in Job 19:25…
*For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth*
Our Redeemer Jesus Christ comes at last, in the morning after the night night to save, heal and set us free.
When Daniel was sent into the Lion’s den, he endured the terror of the night and waited for his redeemer to come in the morning after the night to save him (Daniel 6:19-24)
Today it may be tough, rough or hard for us.
But because we know that our redeemer, the lord Jesus Christ lives.
Let’s wait until He comes to save us


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